The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game Review

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a good game enfolded inside of an awful one. It is a compound, woven tale of Geralt of Rivia, the titular Witcher – hunter of monsters – searching for the girl he considers his adopted daughter, Ciri, as she is chased by the Wild Hunt – a team of magical warriors – for reasons unknown.

The Glitcher is a poorly made RPG, full of sexist clichés, inexact fighting mechanics, occasional bugs, and infuriating design that often have you groaning or rolling your eyes.

The great world of this Witcher release is an ugly fantastical world, skillfully shaped to exploit emersion action and experience.

Geralt the Witcher is pursuing the trace of his ward/daughter Ciri, making the most of his ability as a tracker to trail the faint leads and traces left by Ciri as she escapes the ghostly and terrible Wild Hunt.

The haunted riders are hunting Ciri for unknown reasons, causing the local inhabitants even more misery as they are already dealing with yet another attack from the Empire of Nilfgaard, the situation is miserable, the landscape is bleak but the game is a joy.

This is an action RPG with many traditional elements exposed back and

Clash of Clans – Honest Review and Walkthrough

There are a lot of mobile games that are available out there in either the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. One of both these platform’s highest downloaded game is the Clash of Clans game. The game was released by Supercell in 2012 and is available for both Android and Apple iOS platforms. This game is an online multiplayer strategic game. The game requires planning and skills to win, and you can enjoy either the single player arcade or the multiplayer.

Strategies Of The Game

The first strategy of the game is to create a defence mechanism for your clan. To do this, you are required to use urban planning for your village. That means to strengthen your defence mechanism by creating a tightly spaced village. Protecting such as village is easy compared to protecting a village that has spread all over the place.

Moreover, it is also advisable that you add more weapons to your collection for an enhanced defence mechanism. Even though you are limited in the number of weapons you can add to your clan, the game gives you the privilege of adding more weapons as you progress from one stage to the other. Furthermore, you also need to

Star Wars: Battlefront Beta Impressions

So the beta for the third entry in the Battlefront franchise has launched on the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. It will last four days and includes just a handful of weapons, two maps, and two modes. My initial impressions are exceptionally positive, but have not gotten more excited for the final release. I feel like the beta just confirms we will be getting a great game, but fails at showing gamers and fans why this should be the game to play during a crowded holiday season.

First off, let’s talk about the weapons and gadgets. All four guns are automatic blasters and mostly just look different. I found the light machine gun like DLT-19 to be the most brutal of the bunch, but there’s just not a lot of variety in these equipable weapons, nor are there any attachments. I’m not even sure if there will be attachments, but that would be a huge blow considering the amount of guns in this beta that are all basically the same thing. There is a sniper called the Cycle Rifle which is a card weapon you can equip to the left or right bumper. You can get one shot out of it

Halo 5: Guardians Review

As someone who has dabbled in the Halo franchise but never actually got into the games, I can say Halo 5: Guardians is a great game. It’s campaign is thoroughly enjoyable and it has one of the best multiplayer experiences I’ve ever played. 343 has definitely delivered an exceptional first person shooter and a solid entry into the Halo franchise. In the midst of a super crowded holiday season, Halo 5 is a clear stand out from Microsoft and shouldn’t be missed.

Halo 5’s campaign is a 15 mission story that takes you to many different locations and offers some good looking cut scenes. Unfortunately though the actual story is a hit or miss. Some missions feel like they have purpose and add to the story, while others simply don’t. I feel like 343 could have told a very personal story through the manhunt between Locke and Master Chief, but they severely missed that opportunity. The story then becomes something much to hard to follow than it needs to be. Something dealing with Guardians and Cortona. I honestly couldn’t tell you and I was already at a disadvantage with the story not having played the previous titles in full. I can

NBA 2k16 – The Best NBA Game Yet

Last year’s addition to the NBA 2k series was spectacular. It was difficult to imagine what more can be added to the game to make it even better. But the game developers were able to deliver, giving us the best NBA game ever created. NBA 2k16 has seen a lot of improvements, making it the best basketball simulation game yet. If you’re a huge basketball fan like me, then you should definitely check the game out and see for yourself how close to real life your gaming experience gets.

Perhaps the most notable difference is the improve AI defenses. The previous iterations of the game employed pretty poor defenses. You can zigzag your way through the lane for a quick bucket. It seemed as though all you had to do was make circles with your joystick until you get past your defender. But in 2k16, it’s a lot harder than that. Simply making random moves would usually lead to turnovers or bad shots.

There are also plenty of changes when it comes to game controls. Double-tapping the buttons allow for a variety of fancy plays, from throwing alley-oops to dishing no-look passes. The post down move is now on L2 and

Homefront: The Revolution Beta Review

UPDATE: The open beta began just a little while ago and it’s extremely hard to find a match. The game somehow is running worse than the stress test beta I played a couple weeks ago and it also looks the same. Luckily there is one new map with the open beta. It’s fairly big and probably my favorite mission of the three available. It involves your squad infiltrating an enemy base then following two transport vehicles to an evac spot. It has the most variety in gameplay from stealthily(or gun ho) attacking the K.P.A. base to playing defense while moving through a crumbling city. One thing I have to say is that the atmosphere in this new map is great and you feel in this world. That would have to be the best takeaway from this beta. I’m still looking forward to the assumed more fleshed out and beautiful looking campaign.


Guerrilla warfare is the name of the game here in the multiplayer cooperative beta for the long awaited sequel to Homefront. The beta brings two co-op missions available to play with three of your friends on three different difficulties. While I’ve only played on easy mode, I must

The Division Review

After a couple delays and a few years since it’s announcement, The Division is finally here. I was never necessarily looking forward to this game, but boy am I glad I picked up Ubisoft’s new game up. It’s a third person open world shooter with fairly deep role playing elements, along with seeds of an MMO. There’s a lot to take in here and while I’m not going to be going every intricate detail in this review, I do want to talk about what makes this game work and things that hold it back.

The biggest take away you should get from this review is that the game is fun. Videos online don’t do it justice, you have to at least try this game out if you’re on the fence. Actually playing the game was a completely different experience than watching a video. Get it on Gamefly, Redbox, a friend, or just buy it; it’s worth the price of admission. The mission and side mission structure have enough variety to keep stringing you along, that mixed with compelling semi-stat based cover based shooting calls for a fun time. I have put in about thirty hours with The Division and have completed